August’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2022

~Montessori Room for Toddlers~

Creating a space that helps your toddler feel freedom to choose what he or she likes, encourages independence, and provides a space that makes learning fun is what a Montessori classroom is all about. Why not make your child’s bedroom the same way? Below are some ideas for how to transform your toddler’s room to a Montessori environment.

Designing a Montessori bedroom is easy. Start by placing pictures, shelves, and even your toddler’s bed lower to the ground. Sort objects and toys into separate baskets and create specific places for materials. Stand up books on top of shelves for easy access. Create an art area where your child has access to materials such as paper, crayons, scissors, stickers, etc. Plug in an IPod or cd player, and have peaceful music play in the background. Have a drawer or rack containing materials that will aid your toddler in cleaning up messes, such as a dust pan, broom, feather duster, and mop. Watch your toddler grow and learn right before your eyes!

To view the pdf handout with photos, Click HERE.

Prepared by Ms. Meredith.