March/April/May Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

For the month of February, we have been studying space and the variety of interesting things in it. We have learned about the planets, the sun, stars, rockets, and so much more! We had fun exploring gravity by watching objects fall, and we had a blast jumping with our friends. We made a volcano just … [Read more...]

March/April/May Greetings from the Infant Class

I hope you all had a lovely February and enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day with your loved ones. The children not only spent the last month participating in "Space-themed" activities, such as creating rocket ship crafts, learning about circle shapes, and helping create stars for our space-themed … [Read more...]

March/April/May Greetings from the Primary Class

We have had a wonderful past few months! January was filled with talk of the Arctic and chilly weather. We learned all about Arctic Foxes, polar bears, and freezing temperatures. We went on an action-packed bear hunt during our nature walk, and we were so grateful to Mrs. Ashley for our special hot … [Read more...]

March’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2018

~Singing Helps~  “Singing encourages a child to express their emotions and sharpens their ability to communicate while exercising lip and tongue movement. But one of the biggest benefits of singing is the repeated use of the memory muscle. Learning a piece of information attached to a tune … [Read more...]

February’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2018

~Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?~ Many children go through their days sleep-deprived. When children do not get enough sleep their actions can be wrongly classified as “behavior problems.” Due to lack of sleep, they may have trouble controlling their emotions. This happens because the part of … [Read more...]

January’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2018

~Indoor Play Activities~ “Toddlers thrive when they can run around outdoors and play. According to, toddlers between the ages of 12 and 36 months need a minimum of 30 minutes of structured physical activity and a minimum of 60 minutes of free play each day. When cold weather strikes, … [Read more...]

December’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2017

Montessori themes at home: Winter Conflicts Since the winter holidays are around the corner, children will be receiving a variety of gifts, candies and tokens from loved ones, such as teachers, family and friends. When there is more than one child involved, conflicts can occur. This is a good … [Read more...]

November’s Montessori Principle In Action: 2017

MONTESSORI THEMES AT HOME: Giving Thanks The holiday season is near. This is the time of year where our families get together to play, cook, and most importantly, eat! What a great time to teach your child grace and courtesy skills at the same time.  In the Montessori environment, teachers show … [Read more...]

October’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2017

~Creating an Ordered Environment ~ “Having a place for everything, on a child-friendly scale, encourages both independence and self-discipline. Children know where to find what they need, and where to put it when they’re done. An ordered environment also has fewer distractions, allowing children to … [Read more...]

September’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2017

~Sign language with your infant~ Why should you teach your infant sign language? The definition of sign language says, “Any means of communication through bodily movements, especially of the hands and arms, rather than through speech...” ( … [Read more...]