February’s Montessori Principle in Action

Indoor activities for the cold weather

Winter has definitely hit Georgia, and our little ones have to stay inside more days than not right now. Maria Montessori always emphasized the importance of children practicing their gross motor skills, but it is hard when most gross motor activities are performed outside. Below are some ideas you can easily create and use in your home on those cold and rainy days:

Living room spider web

Take left over holiday ribbon or string and wrap it around chairs and tables to create a web for your child to climb through.

Musical hearts

Cut out different color hearts from paper or foam and place and write on one side a gross motor activity (jump on one foot, spin around in a circle, clap your hands). Place the hearts face down in a circular pattern.

Next, play music and have your child walk around on the hearts.

When the music stops, have your child pick up the heart they are standing on and perform the activity. So much fun!

Jumping ladder

Take painters tape and lay down a design similar to hopscotch or a ladder.   Have your child jump from space to space. Make a game of it. How many spaces can your child jump over?

Prepared by Ms. Meredith.

To access a pdf handout of this information with photos, Click HERE.