Infant Classroom

We are a small classroom with 12 infants and 3 teachers. We have a flexible schedule for the children, which is outlined below. We will happily coordinate our feeding times to your schedule if you would like to visit the classroom to breastfeed. We have several places within the school where you are welcome to feed your child. Parents may choose to use cloth diapers, and if you choose these diapers we will gladly accommodate you. Please know that the flow of communication is always open and it is important to the Infant class teachers that we are accessible to our families.

Our Daily Schedule

7:30-8:45Arrival and Independent Work Cycle (Parents and children are greeted by their teachers and settled into the classroom. During these work cycles, children move freely around the classroom, choosing materials and receiving individual lessons from Ms. Lauren and teaching assistants. Arts and crafts may take place at this time. Immobile infants are presented with a variety of materials from each of the classroom centers.)
8:45-8:55Morning Circle Time (We begin by singing our “Good Morning” song before starting the group lesson. The group lesson includes the children being introduced to materials that are cohesive with our monthly theme. Items may include books, pictures, active components and other cognitive materials that help the children explore new topics.)
9:00-9:30Morning Snack Time
9:30-9:45Transition to Morning Nap/ Transition to Playground (Younger children will begin to wind down for their morning naps while older children put on their shoes and other outdoor gear.)
9:45-11:15Nap and Outside Time
11:15-11:30Transition to Lunch (Children will take off their shoes and be brought inside where they will wash their hands, and begin sitting down for lunch. Children and teachers will sing our Lunch Time song.)
11:30-12:00Lunch Time
12:00-2:00Nap Time (After lunch, children will throw their plates away, wash their hands, and retrieve their nap time items such as pacifiers and blankets. Teachers will help rock and pat children to sleep.)
2:00-2:30Mini Work Cycle (As children wake up from their naps, children will roam freely around the classroom and choose materials off of the shelves, just as they did at drop off.)
2:30-3:00Afternoon Snack
3:00-3:15Afternoon Circle Time
3:20-4:45Outside Time
4:45-5:00Transition to Classroom
5:00-6:00Pick-up and Independent Work Time