Infant Classroom

We are a small classroom with 12 infants and 3 teachers. We have a flexible schedule for the children, which is outlined below. We will happily coordinate our feeding times to your schedule if you would like to visit the classroom to breastfeed. We have several places within the school where you are welcome to feed your child. Parents may choose to use cloth diapers, and if you choose these diapers we will gladly accommodate you. Please know that the flow of communication is always open and it is important to the Infant class teachers that we are accessible to our families.

Our Wish List

If you would like to contribute to our classroom, please visit our Amazon wish list.

Our Daily Schedule

7:30-8:30Arrival and Independent Work Cycle: Parents and children are greeted and settled into the classroom. During these work cycles, children move freely around the classroom, choosing materials and receiving individual lessons from Ms. Lauren and her assistants.
8:30-9:30Outside Time: The older children go outside while the younger ones start their morning naps and have independent work time. **When it is too cold for us to go outside, this is extended independent work time and an opportunity for indoor gross motor play!**
9:30-10:00Morning Snack Time
10:00-11:15Morning Circle Time & Group Activity
11:15-11:30Transition to Lunch: Children will move into the kitchen area, wash their hands, and begin sitting down for lunch.
11:30-12:00Lunch Time
12:00-1:30Nap Time: Children will throw their plates away and then will retrieve their nap time items such as pacifiers and blankets. Teachers will put children to sleep on their cots.
1:30-2:15Independent Work Cycles: As children are waking from their naps, they can move freely around the classroom to choose materials that interest them.
2:15-2:30Transition to Afternoon Snack
2:30-3:00Afternoon Snack
3:15-3:45Afternoon Circle Time
4:00-5:30Independent Work Cycles and Pick Up