January’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2023

~Indoor Play Activities~

“Toddlers thrive when they can run around outdoors and play. According to KidsHealth.org, toddlers between the ages of 12 and 36 months need a minimum of 30 minutes of structured physical activity and a minimum of 60 minutes of free play each day. When cold weather strikes, you’ll need to become a little more resourceful and create a few indoor activities to keep your toddlers active for this length of time.” Below are a few fun activities to engage your toddler when you are stuck inside.

  • Dance off

Play your child’s favorite song or cd and play the freeze dance game, or let them copy your dance moves. Place paper shapes on the floor and have them hop to the shape you call out!

  • Play house

Help your child create a fort made of blankets and pillows draped over a table or chair. You could also use a large cardboard box and cut out a window and door for them. Let your child pretend that their stuffed animals are family members or friends coming over to visit.

  • Snack making

Toddlers love cooking projects! Stick some bananas in the freezer and then let them cover it with peanut butter or almond butter. Make a fruit pizza or ants on a log.

  • Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course for your toddler to crawl through. String yarn through chairs or a railing and pretend it is a spider web. Lay out tape in a line or in boxes and have them walk or jump on them.

Prepared by Ms. Meredith.

To access a pdf handout of this information with photos, Click HERE.