Jittery Joe’s Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee Label LifespanWe have partnered with Jittery Joe’s Coffee, Athens’ Favorite Coffee Roasting Company! Purchase Jittery Joe’s premier, micro-roasted ground or whole bean coffee directly from Lifespan for $11 per can, a discount from their regular prices:

  • Morning Ride (100% Organic)
  • Jittery Joe’s House Blend
  • Jittery Joe’s Traveling Joe Blend
  • Two Stories Blend Decaffeinated
  • Jittery Joe’s Espresso
  • Jittery Joe’s Queen City Harrar
  • Jittery Joe’s Bali Blue Moon

Orders emailed by Wednesday will be delivered by Monday (payment may be made upon receipt/delivery of your coffee!). A generous portion of the proceeds from each purchase will be returned back to Lifespan.