May’s Montessori Principle in Action

~Montessori at home with baby~

The Montessori philosophy, in a nutshell, is that children are more competent than we give them credit for. We must set up a prepared environment for them to accomplish tasks and challenge them with new tasks. Practicing Montessori techniques at home with your baby can be fun and simple to do. Follow these easy ideas, geared for a baby who is 6-12 months old, and watch in amazement at what your baby is capable of!

1) Treasure Basket

Fill a small basket filled with fun objects from around your house for your infant to use her five senses to explore. “Your baby will enjoy picking things out, one at a time, lingering with some, until they have combed through each item. Change them out every so often to perk their interest.”

2) Meal Time

“Another great way to foster independence is through mealtime. Montessori believes that children should, whenever possible, do things themselves, especially when it comes to everyday tasks like getting dressed, eating, cooking and cleaning up. It’s showing them responsibility to not be dependent on an adult for everything.” Try to use sippy cups as little as possible. Let your infant use an infant size fork and spoon to try to feed herself.

3) Art

Montessori believes that art and music are not just for a privileged few, but for all to enjoy and learn from. We must learn through our hands. Let your infant finger paint, explore with play dough, draw with large crayons.

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Prepared by Ms. Meredith.

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