May’s Montessori Principle in Action: 2022

~Gardening with your Little One~

Maria Montessori encouraged young children to be as independent as possible. This meant teaching them how to dress themselves, how to clean up spills, how to mop and dust, and even how to prepare food. In a Montessori classroom, the food preparation area is one of the most popular areas in the classroom. Children learn how to pour, wash fruit and vegetables, spread butter or cream cheese, and how to use a cheese grater. You can continue Montessori’s food preparations lessons at home by asking your child to help you in the kitchen while you cook. Listed below are some tips to help you and your child have fun together in the kitchen!

1. Allow plenty of time.
2. Remember things and food items can be placed in as many containers as possible.
3. Set up the kitchen in a way that your child can independently wash their hands.
4. Keep paper towels always handy.
5. Divide cooking ingredients into pouring portions.
6. Kitchen gadgets can be helpful such as egg slicers and salad spinners.
7. Small bowls and containers are great for helping with independence.
8. Toddlers like spice shakers.
9. If you think the coordination is good enough teach them to peel carrots or better cucumbers.
10. Teach your child to set the table.
11. Aprons are helpful and fun to use.
12. Get them to wash the vegetables or fruits.
13. Try to prepare the ingredients and materials ahead of time.
14. LET GO! of the perfection
15. Be prepared for mess.

Prepared by Ms. Meredith.

To view the pdf handout with photos, Click HERE.