November’s Montessori Principle in Action

~Montessori Themes at Home~

Living in the south typically means that autumn comes late for us. November is a time when we finally start to see the leaves change color and fall off the trees. Children love to play outside during this time of year. They collect fallen leaves, acorns and pinecones. They enjoy making leaf piles to jump in. Below are some other fun autumn-inspired activities you can do at home with your child as the weather starts to change.

1. Raking leaves: You can have your child do this outside, or set up a small basket of silk leaves for an inside activity on rainy days.

2. Leaf pin poking: Ask your child to find their favorite leaf on the ground. Help your child trace the leaf on a piece of paper. Then, let them use a push pin to pin poke the leaf shape.

3. Leaf collage: Use the above activity to glue a collage together or collect leaves from outside to glue a lovely picture of assorted leaves.

4. Leaf rubbings: Place a fallen leaf or a silk leaf under a piece of paper. Rub a crayon sideways over the paper. Watch your child’s face light up with amazement as they see the leaf underneath show through!

Prepared by Ms. Meredith.

To access a pdf handout of this information with photos, Click HERE.