November’s Montessori Principle In Action: 2022


The holiday season is near. This is the time of year where our families get together to play, cook, and most importantly, eat! What a great time to teach your child grace and courtesy skills at the same time.  In the Montessori environment, teachers show students good manners by modeling them at the snack and lunch tables.  They show the children how to wait to eat their food until everyone at their table sits down, how to swallow all of their food before talking, and even how to clean up their dishes when they are finished. Below are some fun tips and songs to help your children with grace and courtesy to prepare for the holiday season.

  • With preschoolers, it is best to introduce and emphasize in practice one table manner at a time.
  • Teach a specific manners lesson by demonstrating the proper behavior, and breaking down the lesson into distinct steps:
  1. Check that you look neat and clean before coming to the table.
  2. Put your napkin on your lap.
  3. Say, “Would you please pass the ____?” Say, “Thank you” when someone passes food to you.
  • Avoid criticizing your child in front of others, and remember to praise them when they are using the right etiquette skill.
  • Make it a game! Who can use the best manners at dinner tonight?

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