Pre-Primary Classroom

In this class, your child will learn the beginnings of Montessori lessons and work cycles, which include basic motor coordination, independence, and language development. Rather than a classroom, this is a nurturing social community where young children experience and learn to participate in a cooperative group. During their time in this class, we will gauge their interest and introduce the concept of using the potty, and help them develop other skills of independence that will prepare them to eventually transition to the older, Primary class.

Our Daily Schedule

7:30-8:15Morning drop off and work cycle
8:15-8:30Clean up/Transition to circle time
8:30-8:40Morning circle time
8:40-8:55Wash hands/Transition to snack
8:55-9:30Snack time
9:30-9:55Wash hands/Transition to potty and outside
9:55-11:00Outside play
11:00-11:20Wash hands and face/Transition to lunch
11:20-11:55Lunch time
11:55-12:30Wash hands/Potty time/Transition to nap time
12:30-2:30Nap time/Quiet activity time (children use the potty or receive a diaper as they wake). Nap time ends at 2:35.
2:35-2:50Potty/Wash hands/Transition to afternoon circle time
2:50-3:25Snack time
3:25-3:35Wash hands/Transition to afternoon circle time
3:35-3:45Afternoon circle time/Free play
3:45-4:00Transition to outside/Potty time
4:00-5:10Potty time/Outside play
5:10-5:25Transition to inside
5:25-6:00Free play/Afternoon pickup