Winter Greetings from the Infant Class

Finally, the leaves are changing, the air is cooling, and we have so many fun activities on their way! We have been very busy already, learning about community helpers, the world around us, and dinosaurs. We’ve had birthdays, plenty of dance parties, and even made some new friends! I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of this year and in the new year! 

This November, we will explore the theme of transportation! This month, we will talk about ways to get from here to there, different types of vehicles, and more! I think our class is going to LOVE this since we already have so many lovers of all things related to cars and trucks. November is also the month of Thanksgiving, so we will talk about some popular traditions for this time of year.

In December, we will be Art Explorers and also exploring different holidays celebrated at this time of year! Art and holidays are easily two of my favorite topics, so we are in for a great end to the year with this month! We will learn about Kwanzaa, Christmas, and artists like Claude Monet.

With January comes the new year! This is such an exciting time for a fresh start and to learn about space! We will focus on topics like astronauts, the Solar System, and the stars.