June Greetings from the Infant Class

The month of May has come and gone so quickly! We had such a wonderful time celebrating May birthdays and Mother’s Day, and we particularly enjoyed our time learning about babies as our monthly theme 🙂 We have also loved meeting some new friends who have recently joined or who will soon be joining our classroom!

This month, we worked on many art projects. The children loved having their hands and feet painted to create artwork for the hallways and classroom. After a week of discussing “Baby Animals,” the children created baby ducklings with Ms. Alex. After having so many hot and humid days, we discussed the many ways to keep cool, and how to protect ourselves from the sun. We created handprint suns and sang “You Are My Sunshine” while we painted! We also created baby bottles using construction paper and painted feet. Our favorite circle times involved taking care of our “baby lovies” by feeding, burping, and putting them to sleep! The children had a wonderful time with this activity, and were so gentle and loving while they participated in this lesson.

The monthly theme for June is “Desert Life.” We will be introducing desert animals and the plants that thrive in hot temperatures. We will also introduce work with sand, and discuss the Pyramids! We can’t wait to work on this theme with the children, and we are eager to see what lessons they like best.