October/November Greetings from the Infant Class

August and September were filled with so many fun lessons and circle time activities! We discussed the themes “Diversity” and “Camping” while also working on many practical life skills, such as using gentle hands with our friends, and drinking out of our brand new cups!

We sang several songs in different languages in August, and really enjoyed Camping Day in September. We were also thrilled with the way our Infant Class Scarecrow came out, and continue to appreciate all of your votes! The children had so much fun participating in painting the pants, and stuffing our scarecrow body with hay!

October’s monthly theme is “In the Orchard!” We plan to do a lot of fun circle times involving the sorting of apples, where children can learn how to examine an object. This is something in which they are already extremely well versed! In November, we look forward to learning about our “Friends and Neighbors,” by participating in circle time games and discussing simple acts of kindness.