Spring Greetings from the Infant Class

What a wonderful winter we have had together. It is always amazing to see how quickly your children grow over the winter break, and our reunion did not disappoint.

Our February Theme was Black History Month. Our bookshelves have new titles displayed, such as “The Skin I’m In”, “A Is For Activist”, and “Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr: Dreaming of Change.” We worked on how to identify our differences, practicing ways to be kind to one another, as well as introducing successful musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. On February 14th, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a heart scavenger hunt, craft making, and giving each other little Valentines at morning circle time.

In March we will explore Dinosaurs, which is always a crowd favorite. We will discuss eggs, fossils, volcanos, and the difference between carnivores and herbivores. For our St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the children will be participating in a gold coin Scavenger Hunt on our playground. Don’t forget to wear green!

The next two months’ themes are as follows:

April: Gardens and Bugs

May: Oceans

I look forward to discussing the lifecycle of a plant, participating in our Annual Garden Day with our families, as well as diving deep into the ocean blue with your children!