March/April/May Greetings from the Infant Class

I hope you all had a lovely February and enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. The children not only spent the last month participating in “Space-themed” activities, such as creating rocket ship crafts, learning about circle shapes, and helping create stars for our space-themed door, but also admired all of the hearts around the school and in our classroom. These colorful hearts definitely prepared them for the Heart Scavenger Hunt we had on Valentine’s Day, which was a huge success!
The next monthly themes are as follows:
March- Dinosaurs
April- Gardens and Bugs
and May- On the Farm
During March, we will learn new songs, examine the parts of a dinosaur, and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by dressing in green and finding gold coins that Lifespan’s beloved leprechaun has hidden for us! In April, we will spend a lot of time on our playground and in our gardens, observing the flowers in bloom and listening to the insects buzzing outside. In May, we will discuss the many types of farm animals, what farmers do, and how crops grow.
There are a lot of exciting activities and lessons coming up, and we can’t wait to get started. The months keep flying, and we love getting to see how fast your children are growing. This winter we have seen a lot of first steps and have heard a lot of new words, and we can’t wait to see what what other milestones are in store for spring.