Summer Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

This winter we have learned so many wonderful lessons! In January we zoomed through the solar system and created our very own suns and moons. In February we learned about Black History Month and the wonderful leaders who shaped our world. In March, we explored our body and learned about what keeps us moving. As the weather started to become warmer this April, we trekked into the garden to learn what makes plants grow, where bugs live, and how to keep the Earth beautiful.

As we move into the summer, our classroom has so many fun things planned! This May we are taking a trip around the globe to explore the 7 Wonders of the World. By exploring puzzles, cards, and materials from our culture shelf, we will learn about weathering, 3-D shapes and how to measure.

In June we are learning all we possibly can about animals! We will have new work on our science shelf featuring animals from around the world, and we will create our own classroom “zoo” that we will craft throughout the month. In July our class will explore all the ways we can move our body to keep us healthy and fit. We will practice different types of exercise and movement and learn how to cook up some healthy food! I am so excited!

We will have our Mother’s Day Coffee & Muffins in May and in June we are hosting Donuts for Dads! We are so thankful for of our amazing parents in our school!

It is going to be an amazing summer!