August/September Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

June and July brought our class so much fun and engagement! In June, we learned about the desert. We discussed the hot temperatures in the desert and the animals that live there. We had such a wonderful time learning about the different animals. We enjoyed many different sensory activities using sand, and had a blast!

In July, the theme was mermaids and pirates. We learned about pirates and pretended that we were pirates in search of treasure. Our favorite part was saying “Arggg” like a pirate 🙂 We even went on a treasure hunt around the classroom where the children were able to hunt for “gold.” We also read Jack and the Beanstalk and our most favorite book, The 3 Little Pigs. The children enjoyed The 3 Little pigs so much that we read it almost every day for two weeks. They became pretty skilled at retelling the story, too 🙂

For art, we made a desert and added sand for texture, we created free art on sandpaper, which was a great sensory experience. We also made treasure maps, and each child had the opportunity to create their own brick, straw, or stick house on paper.

August is all about Diversity! We will focus on friendship and learn about our differences. We will talk a lot about what makes us each special and we will create “All About Me” posters. Some of our art this month will be made as a group as we learn to work together and help one another 🙂