Fall Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

Happy fall! I hope everyone is looking forward to the cooler weather, changing leaves, and fall festivities. As we continue into the fall and through the school year, we have some fun and exciting lessons, crafts, and events happening within the next few months.

In September, we are learning as much as we can about the World Around Us! During this time, we will explore our surroundings — landmarks, where we reside in the world, how a tree grows, and so much more! A variety of books, art, and songs will engage your child as we explore our world. With the ~hopefully~ cooler weather arriving soon, we will be spending more time outside exploring among the trees.

In October, we are learning about Dinosaurs! Roar! Your child will stomp and tromp this month as we learn about the prehistoric reptiles that we love so much. We will focus on the different types, sizes, and colors of dinosaurs. There will be so much dinosaur art, I can’t wait!

In November, we are learning about Transportation! What goes beep, what goes Honk Honk, and what goes ZOOOOM! From scooters and bicycles to ocean liners and jet planes, we will learn about different ways people get to and from place to place. Be prepared for a lot of artwork with wheels.