June/July/August Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

Summer is in full swing in the Pre-Primary class and we are so excited to jump into some new topics! For the month of June, we have been exploring many of the unique and fun aspects of art. So far, we’ve discussed different forms of visual art and experimented with various mediums. In the coming weeks, we will discuss design art and performance art. We will design our own buildings and awesome clothing. We cannot wait to share all our artistic creations with you!

The theme for the month of July is “My Passport.” We will take a trip around the world exploring international customs, food, art, and more! We look forward to delving into the world around us in order to better understand and respect the people we share it with.
In August, we are ready to go, go, go as we learn about transportation! We will explore travel by land, sea, and air, and discover ways to get where we’re going. We will take a look at the important parts of vehicles and will will even build a railroad! 

As always, we strive to create a peaceful and stimulating learning environment that helps students absorb as much as possible. We will continue to encourage listening ears, walking feet, and meaningful words. We hope to promote self confidence by emphasizing kindness and positive thinking in the classroom 🙂