June Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

The month of May has been so exciting as we spent our time learning about human babies and baby animals. We learned the names of many baby animals through scavenger hunts, memory games, water play activities, and more! We discussed how each of us started as a tiny baby and has grown into the capable one-, two-, or three-year-old that we are today. The children had so much fun looking at the teachers’ baby pictures as well, and some even made guesses on who’s who! For art this month, we made baby sharks, baby zebras, and baby bird nests, and we focused our attention on free expression art where each child colored or painted a picture of their choice. As always, you can find your child’s art displayed proudly in our classroom 🙂

We celebrated many birthdays this month along with Mother’s Day! We discussed the different ways that we show our mothers that we love and appreciate them, and the responses we received from the children were so fun to hear.

Next month, we will delve into the desert life! We will explore the different animals that live in the desert and how they survive in such an extreme climate.