March/April/May Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

For the month of February, we have been studying space and the variety of interesting things in it. We have learned about the planets, the sun, stars, rockets, and so much more! We had fun exploring gravity by watching objects fall, and we had a blast jumping with our friends. We made a volcano just like the one on Mars and pretended to give Saturn its beautiful rings. We even created our own planet with “all the things we like” for our classroom door!

Now, we are so excited for what the coming months have in store! In March, we will learn about dinosaurs. We will discuss the different kinds of dinosaurs and how they lived long ago. We will explore dinosaur movements and sounds and the many characteristics they may have had. We will also discuss the types of scientists who study dinosaurs and how they do this. We are even going to create our very own unique dinosaur!

In April, we will dive into learning about gardens and bugs. We’re so excited to get our hands dirty and do some planting as well as study some real bugs! We will talk about how plants grow and how we can take care of them. We will also look at the many types of bugs and will discuss how some of them help flowers grow.

For the month of May, we will be learning about farms! We will discuss different types of farms and what they grow. We will study some popular farm animals and how they help us. We will learn that much of the food we eat comes from a farm!

As always, we will learn through working together and promoting self confidence. We will continue to emphasize kindness and positive thinking in the classroom.