Fall Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

This summer has been a blast with your wonderful children! In May, we explored the 7 wonders of the world! We used our culture shelf work to learn about different places around the globe and used that knowledge to explore the world around us. We learned how to measure, names of 3-D shapes, and how the earth is weathered.

In June, we took a trip to the classroom “zoo” and learned about animals from all over! We heard animal sounds, moved like them and then created some spectacular art. In July, we explored ways to keep us healthy and fit! We practiced all types of exercise like yoga and different sports. We also measured how tall our bodies are and listened to our classmates’ heartbeats. We loved celebrating our lovely parents, making tie dye shirts, and all our splash days, and I cannot wait to see what the upcoming months hold.

In August, we will learn about the important helpers all around our community. We will use the tools of doctors and dentists, practice being a mail carrier using our language shelf work, and cook up some fun recipes while we pretend to be a chef! In September, our class will venture into the world around us and create our own model volcano! We will have ocean animal cards on our science shelf and go on a nature walk! In October, we will take a trip into prehistoric times and learn about dinosaurs! We will sing many dinosaur songs, create dinosaur fossils, and match dinosaurs to their skeletons.