Spring Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

How exciting was our first snow? I hope you and your family enjoyed it for the brief time it was here. Fingers crossed the upcoming months won’t have any more snow in the forecast. As we continue into the new year, we have some fun and exciting lessons, crafts, and events happening in the next few months.

In February, we are celebrating Black History Month! Each week we will learn about two different Black individuals throughout history and celebrate what they have invented, stood for, and contributed to all people. From Harriet Tubman and George Washington Carver to Barack Obama and Kamala Harris, we will explore what these extraordinary people have done. In February, we will also celebrate the Chinese New Year on the 1st and Presidents Day on the 21st.

In March, we are learning about our bodies! We will identify parts of our body, learn how different parts of our body work, and celebrate all the wonderful things our body can do for us! With the continuous help of yoga, we will see how flexible our bodies are as we stretch and grow. I have a couple of special projects planned that we will be doing this month, so make sure you have a special place to keep them for your children when they are older 😉

In April, we are learning about bugs and our garden! Be prepared for your child to come home dirty this month (but not that dirty) as we will be spending a lot of time outside exploring our garden and the bugs that call it home. We will be working on revamping our garden with the help of warmer weather. Planting and potting and mud pies, oh my! Don’t stress if you receive a picture of your child holding a creepy-crawly during April, as they’re an important part of our garden. Please note, the only bugs that your child will touch are the bugs Miss Gabby is willing to touch (e.g., worms, grasshoppers, and slugs).