Spring Greetings from the Pre-Primary Class

What an amazing winter we’ve had together! I’m so excited to see what spring brings us.

In March, we will travel back in time to learn about dinosaurs. We will learn many of the dinosaurs’ names, as well as what they ate and where they lived. On our shelves, there will be many new and exciting items, including a dinosaur color sorting work and a dinosaur counting work.

In April, we will learn about gardens and bugs. We will get to know our own garden by exploring it, planting vegetables, and other projects. I’m excited to add a lot of new work to our science shelf, including new realistic insect models and a garden sensory bin.

In May, our theme will be oceans. We will learn about the many ocean ecosystems, and we will spend time talking about how we explore the ocean and how there is so much more yet to be explored. We also have a lot of fun art projects this month, including a class mural showcasing the ocean zones and the animals that live there.