Summer Greetings from the Primary Class

Primary has had so much fun this spring! Before we dive into all that we have learned, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the parents who have donated to our garden. We appreciate you so much, and are so grateful for your support and kindness. The children have loved working in the garden. We have learned about the lifecycle of a plant by planting seeds and watching them grow. We have also learned a great deal about how to care for plants. Most days you can find us in the garden pulling weeds, planting new plants, or watering ones we’ve already planted. We are so excited to see what our plants produce. I have noticed that our blueberry bush has produced a few berries already!

Over the past few months we have learned about North America, South America, and Asia. Thank you to all of the parents who shared books, pictures, and more! We will be ending this year’s study with the continents of Europe and Australia. With Australia, we will also be exploring the Great Coral Reef and our oceans. The monthly themes for the next few months are: 7 Wonders of the World, Exercise and Fitness, and All About Animals. I’m really excited for all the fun activities, crafts, and cooking we have planned. Along with our continent study and the monthly theme, we will continue to have weekly letters!