Fall Greetings from the Primary Class

I am thrilled to welcome the new students and their families to our classroom. We are so excited you are now a part of the Lifespan family! You can find the majority of our curriculum on our shelves. Our classroom shelves are divided by subject: sensorial, practical life, math, reading, writing, science, art, and culture. You might notice that one of our culture selves gets a makeover every month or two. This is because we spend about two months studying each continent, and our continents shelf changes to reflect the continent we are studying. You will see books, pictures, and new work highlighting the continent’s animals, landmarks, food, and more. In August, we will start learning about the continent of North America. We also have monthly themes that are schoolwide, so Pre-Primary and Infants will be learning about these topics along with us. We will read books, make art, and play games that surround these themes. The upcoming themes are Community Helpers in August, The World Around Us in September, and Dinosaurs in October.