Winter Greetings from the Primary Class

Winter is here and it’s been chilly this week, but we haven’t let that stop us from spending tons of time outside crunching in the leaves, weeding, raking, digging, climbing, and chasing each other pretending to be dinosaurs and trucks! It’s been a blast and I think the children have especially enjoyed our transportation theme – making trucks out of shapes, railroad tracks out of popsicle sticks, and reading “The Little Engine that Could” and “Otis” over and over 🙂 

Next month, we’ll be moving onto our “Art Explorers” theme and I’m so excited. Our class absolutely loves making all types of art (especially the getting messy part) and I can’t wait to share new techniques with them and teach them about some famous artists! Again, feel free to send in any art themed books or materials you’d be willing to share with the class. 

I’d still really love to try to do a winter garden if anyone would want to donate some seeds and/or starter plants for that. We actually got a few radishes and some teeny tiny carrots that came up from the seeds we planted earlier this year! 🙂