January Greetings from the Primary Class

We hope everyone enjoyed the winter break. We are so happy to be back! The months leading up to the break were filled with many exciting lessons and group activities. We discussed the themes, “Friends and Neighbors” and “Seasons Greetings.” We learned what it means to be a genuine friend and had many opportunities to practice being a kind friend in the classroom. We explored how different cultures celebrate the holidays and we learned about some of the traditions that are practiced worldwide. Perhaps most importantly, I could not be more proud of the children and how they brought the stage to life during our Holiday Performance!

In January, we are learning about “The Arctic.” We are discussing Arctic temperatures, polar bears, and Arctic foxes. We are even making our own snow! It should be a chilly month filled with lots of exciting hands-on learning. In February, our lessons will center on “Space!” Engaging discussions about planets, stars, and astronauts are in store, including making our own space ships and launching them! We will also be making our Valentine’s Day boxes. We can’t wait to celebrate such a sweet day with our sweet friends!