Summer Greetings from the Primary Class

What a fabulous year it has been! Can I just say that it is my absolute honor to be able to guide your children through these early years? I can’t even believe it is already summer!

We have moved on to our summer schedule, which means we are outside on the playground for the first part of the day. Physical activity outdoors is so important for your child’s gross motor and sensory development — please try to arrive by 9am so that your child gets as much time outside in the morning as they can!

We are moving into the home stretch with our year-long continent study. June will bring us our study of Europe and then we’ll spend the last bit of July learning about Antarctica. We will start again in August with North America. As always, if you have any personal artifacts, books or talents/traditions to share with us as we travel through the continents, please let me know! We welcome your presence in our classroom and I’d love to fold your visits into our curriculum plans.

In June, we will start our animal study with a leap into learning about vertebrates and invertebrates and all the ways to classify vertebrates. This is also a fun time to introduce lots of different life cycles to your child.

July will bring us a study of transportation and this is a very fun time to introduce all the ways that transportation is different all over the world.

When August arrives, we will focus on the changing seasons and building observation skills to learn more about how to be prepared for all kinds of weather.