February/March Greetings from the Primary Class

What a wonderful start of the year we’ve had! Over the past month we have introduced so many new works to our classroom, and the students are thriving. We have introduced reading chapter books in the afternoon with Ms. Anna and cooking lessons with Ms. Tatiana. We have also started weekly sounds, writing folders, a reintroduction to our reading program, new extensions to familiar work, and the list goes on and on! I am so proud and inspired by the love and excitement the students are showing for all the new work. They are working so hard and learning so much.

Below I will list when each continent study and theme is. I look forward to your involvement!

Africa (January); North America (February); South America (March); Asia (April); Europe (May); Australia (June)

Space (January); Black History (February); My Body (March); Gardens and Bugs (April); 7 Wonders of the World (May); All About Animals (June)