March/April/May Greetings from the Primary Class

We have had a wonderful past few months! January was filled with talk of the Arctic and chilly weather. We learned all about Arctic Foxes, polar bears, and freezing temperatures. We went on an action-packed bear hunt during our nature walk, and we were so grateful to Mrs. Ashley for our special hot chocolate treat afterwards! It really warmed us up! February was focused on space! We learned so much about planets, stars, and constellations. We hope you enjoyed checking out our FANTASTIC space door! The children had a blast working together to create such a masterpiece. Valentine’s Day was a sweet highlight of the month. Everyone exchanged thoughtful cards and we hope you loved seeing a glimpse of all the kindness our class shared!

For March, we will be going back in time– approximately 247 million years ago to the Mesozoic Era to visit the dinosaurs. We will learn about the three different periods the dinosaurs lived in along with the three different classifications of dinosaurs. We are excited to begin looking for fossils along with making our own Dino Poop! With April bringing us warmer weather, we will take this opportunity to learn about gardens and bugs! We will start working on our own garden where we will learn about the life cycles of different plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and bugs! We will have a special guest speaker to teach us the importance of certain plants and how to administer proper care. Get your gardening gloves ready! When May arrives, we will be learning about farm life- including cows, chickens, goats, and tractors. We will delve into anything and everything that goes on to make a farm run successfully, including the roles different animals play on a farm and how important farms are to our lives and community.

We have some exciting months coming our way! We can’t wait to learn, grow and share with everyone 🙂