Fall Greetings from the Primary Class

What a great summer we’ve had – old friends moving on and new friends joining our classroom. During the course of the year, we cycle through all of the continents to go into some in-depth study of each continent – cultures, holidays, foods, instruments, people, and history. We are finishing up our study of North America and will be moving into South America during the coming months. Toward the end of fall, we will begin our study of Africa and that will lead us through the end of the year.

Our monthly themes also cycle through and enhance the Montessori materials in our classroom. September’s monthly theme is Our Passport and we’re going to approach it a little differently this year. Since we’ve incorporated a rotating geography unit, I’ve decided to create work this month to illustrate for the children their place in the universe, starting with the universe, then the milky way, our solar system, our planet, our continent, country, state, city, and school. It should be an exciting unit!

In October, our theme will be plants and harvest. We will have a garden clean up Saturday to get our garden ready for winter and even some bulb planting for spring. November will bring us a unit of study about community helpers!