Summer Greetings from the Infant Class

This year has flown by! The past couple of months, we have celebrated special birthdays, talked about Black History Month, explored our garden, and much more! 

In May, we are going to be travelling around the world to explore different cultures and areas of our world! We will be “visiting” Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe. We will also be celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, and Mother’s Day, and we will have our parent teacher conferences. I am so excited to speak with you about your awesome kiddos and their progress! 🙂

In June, we will move into our theme of “All About Animals” where we will learn about the different animals and their sounds! We will also be celebrating Juneteenth, and Father’s Day! 

When we move into July, we will be learning about Exercise and Fitness! We will talk about how we can move our body to build our muscles, keep our bodies healthy, and fun ways to exercise outside.